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Jyoti Sanoria

Marketing Specialist - Freelance

  • 30 min
  • 3,999 Indian rupees
  • Online

Service Description

Currently, Elevating brands through the power of strategic marketing! 🌐✨ I'm your go-to expert for ➡ A Dynamic blend of email marketing, ➡ Compelling content writing, ➡ Script wizardry, and ➡ Social media magic. ➡ Whether it's crafting engaging emails, ➡ Weaving captivating narratives, or ➡ Architecting the perfect Go-To-Market strategy, I'm here to transform your vision into a success story. With a passion for startups, I thrive on guiding businesses from inception to soaring heights. From brainstorming innovative ideas to executing impactful campaigns, I'm your strategic partner on the journey to success. Let's turn your brand into a narrative that resonates, your emails into conversations, and your strategies into victories. If you're ready to elevate your business, let's embark on this exciting adventure together! Previously, As a Senior Marketing Analyst at VMock, an ed-tech company that provides AI-powered career services, I collaborate with the marketing teams of more than 250 universities across the world. I write engaging and informative content for emails, brand collaterals, website, case studies, and presentations, and analyze user engagement and performance data to develop and execute effective marketing plans and campaigns. I am also pursuing my Executive MBA at Masters' Union, a technology-focused business school that offers experiential learning and industry exposure. I am passionate about learning new skills and applying them to real-world problems. I have a strong background in sales and marketing, having worked as an Account Manager at Zomato, a food-tech company, where I managed a portfolio of 90 accounts, developed and implemented marketing and product sales strategies, and contributed to revenue growth and client satisfaction. I have multiple certifications in SEO, email marketing, and Google Analytics, and I am proficient in new business development and marketing research.

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