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Refund Policy

Last Update [January 27, 2023]


Cancellation and Refund Policy for and its Subdomains

1. Cancellation Policy:
   1.1. Users can cancel their activity purchase within 24 hours of making the payment, provided they have not attempted or accessed the activity.
   1.2. To cancel an activity purchase, users must contact customer support via email, providing the necessary details of the purchase.
   1.3. If the cancellation request is made within the stipulated time and conditions mentioned in this policy, will initiate the refund process.

2. Refund Policy:
   2.1. offers refunds under the following circumstances:
       a. Technical Issues: If the user encounters technical difficulties preventing them from accessing or completing the activity, a refund may be considered. The user must provide appropriate evidence of the technical issue.
       b. Non-Delivery of Services: If fails to deliver the purchased activity or provide access within a reasonable time frame, a refund will be initiated.
   2.2. does not offer refunds under the following circumstances:
       a. Disclaimers: Users who purchase and attempt activities after reading the provided disclaimers are not eligible for refunds.
       b. Change of Mind: does not provide refunds for purchases made where the user changes their mind or no longer wishes to participate in the activity.
   2.3. Refunds for the (Certificate and Medal):
       a. The extra amount paid for the Certificate and Medal is non-refundable under any circumstances once the payment has been made and the item is shipped.
       b. This amount includes the cost of shipping the Certificate and Medal to the user.
   2.4. GST (Goods and Services Tax):
       a. GST applies to the total bill, including the activity purchase and the extra amount for (Certificate and Medal).
       b. If a refund is approved, the refund amount will be calculated by deducting the applicable GST from the total refundable amount.

Please note that this cancellation and refund policy is subject to change without prior notice. Users are advised to review the policy periodically for any updates or modifications.

For further assistance or clarification regarding cancellations and refunds, users can contact customer support through the provided channels of communication.

We attempt to process and complete refund requests within 24 hours from the time of receiving the refund request, however, in case there is any delay in refund beyond the period of 72 hours, then you may notify us at The refund process may include a feedback call to you and validation of key information that may be required by us to process the refund request.

We reserve the right to change any fees at any time at our sole discretion and any change, update, or modification in the cost shall become effective immediately upon the same being posted/uploaded or notified on our website.


If you have questions or comments about this Refund Policy, please get in touch at:



1, Allenganj,

Prayagraj - 211002, U.P.


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